How We Work With You to Use Demographics and Mapping Effectively

Since 1996 we have specialised in identifying the best locations & best customers for leisure, hospitality and retail businesses. Effective market and customer analysis reduces risk and increases revenue and profitability. The use of demographic data removes the guesswork from marketing, reducing wasted time and money. Make your marketing activity and site location planning less stressful and more productive!

Find the Right Customer

We can help you identify your very best customers are.

Identify Where They Are

We can figure out where they gather in the largest numbers.

Learn How to Reach Them

We’ll show you how to get them interested in your business

How do you get started?

it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

You need the best customers – the 80:20 rule says that 80% of your revenue and profit will come from 20% of your customers or members. To find you more of the best customers or members, we can analyse your database OR discuss your customer’s characteristics to create a ‘best customer’ profile. We will then fully discuss your objectives and take the project from there, ensuring that you are kept in touch with progress.

 To find the best location either provide us with the postcode of your proposed site OR let us discuss the main market characteristics you are looking for and will work with you from that point.
 To test market demand, let us identify you key market characteristics and then work with you from that point, advising you as we proceed.

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