Why We Are Different

We take the data a step further!

Many demographic firms will take your order, process it and simply return the reports. If you have never used these systems before you have a learning curve to go through to get the full benefits of the information provided. We provide that insight. We ensure you will receive the information you really need and that it is fully interpretted. This is what sets us apart.

We provide an unparralled service to find the key sales factors that affect your business. Simply put; we help you find better customers and the best location sites to set up a community presence. At the same time we simplify the challenge by showing market factors on a map, taking the time to make sure you actually understand the key metrics and data that affect your business.

Why Choose CMA?

We specialise in demographic marketing!

CMA offers a range of consulting services to help you drive more sales & customers to your business through the art of demographic marketing.

First, we create a profile of your ideal customer, next we figure out where they live and which area of town they frequent. Finally, we show you exactly how to get in contact with your ideal customer in order to secure their business.

Based on where the best prospects lives, we also find the right places and physical locations to set up your actual business – this results in more sales for you!

We Know You Don’t Want More Customers

You Want More Of The RIGHT Customers!

The 80:20 rule says that 80% of your revenue and profits come from 20% of your customers. We can help you find more of the 20%. Demographic marketing is key to finding your best customers.

We Know You Don’t Want Just Any Location For Your Business

You Want BEST Location!

Location planning is the act of determining the best physical site for the provision of a new service or product. Selecting the right location depends on the target customer – and their numbers within the local resident community

Proven Methods to Build a Stronger Business

How We Can Help You Succeed:

  • Identify the Best Customers for Your Business
  • Find the Best Locations
  • Use Us to Create Your Market Map
  • Free Interpretation Report

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